We developed our service offerings in an effort to provide our clients with a useful Matrix of Services that includes a wide variety of in-house disciplines for a convenient, more coordinated project.

We engineer the major systems that you would expect - like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, as well as the specialty systems that these incorporate - like fire protection, emergency power, technology, security, life safety, and LEED.


We invite you to click through the categories on the left to learn about Matrix and how our expertise can help you with your next project.

Engineering Services
Specialty Services


MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Chillers/Boilers, Cooling Towers, DX Equipment, Indoor Environmental Quality, Control Systems, Air-Side Equipment, Ductwork, Under-Floor Systems, Studies, etc.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Power Distribution, Emergency Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Lighting (Emergency, Athletic Field, Site, and Building), Lighting Control (Distributed and Central), TVSS Analysis and Design, Studies, Daylight Harvesting, Dark Sky Compliant Lighting, Light Trespass Analysis, etc.


FIRE SPRINKLER ENGINEERING: Fire Pump, Stand Pipe Riser, Wet Systems, Dry Sprinklers, Clean Agent, etc.


LOW VOLTAGE SYSTEMS: Data (Site Fiber, Horizontal Copper - 5E, 6, and 6A), Voice (VOIP, Site Copper, PBX), Video (Streaming, CATV, Microwave), Audio/Visual (Conference Rooms, Training Centers, Classrooms, Performing Venues), Zone Paging/Intercom, Fire Alarm and Mass Notification, etc.


PHYSICAL SECURITY: Intrusion, Access, Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Asset Identification, CPTED, etc.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE ADMINISTRATION: Assistance through Bid Process, Review of Bids for Recommendation of Award, Shop Drawing Review, Site Visits/Reports, Pay App Reviews, Punchlists, Close Out Documents, etc.

PLUMBING ENGINEERING: Domestic Hot/Cold Water, Sanitary, Storm, Gas, Water Distribution Systems, Plumbing Fixture Selections, Roof Drain Systems, Acid Waste, Grease Traps, etc.

ENERGY ENGINEERING: Computer Modeling, Energy Conservation Measures, Studies (Reviews, Opinions, Audits), Scope/Cost Analysis, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Simple Payback, LEED, etc.

DUE DILIGENCE AND STUDIES/REPORTS: Review and documentation of existing systems for remaining useful life, possible reuse of equipment, identification of code deficiencies, options for system upgrades, and associated construction cost estimates.

UTILITY MASTER PLANNING: Review of record documents and existing systems (i.e., HVAC, electrical distribution, emergency power, data, voice, video, fire alarm, etc.) for concept design of future systems. Includes phasing and associated construction cost estimates.

CONTROLS VALIDATION: Provide point to point on-site verification of control elements. Provide remote verification for systems optimization and troubleshooting.

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Provide computer modeling of building systems for most efficient system to meet project needs. Identify energy conservation measures for implementation with pay backs.

INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL: Provide features that enhance the building's indoor environmental quality. Includes adequate instrumentation such as outdoor air flow monitors, relative humidity sensors, and carbon dioxide sensors along with maintainable and operable equipment.

COST CONTROL: Continually compile statistics based on industry standards and recent bid data to apply to projects in the development of construction cost estimates. This information is critical in providing project cost control.

LEED COMMISSIONING:  Expertise in the area of sustainable design. Matrix can provide the necessary administrative and engineering services to attain credits utilized to achieve the desired LEED certification registration. On staff, we have one CxA (Certified Commissioning Authority).